A golden horse to the CHIO

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The Aachen artist Yasemin Hakverdi presents her new work.

A golden horse to the CHIO

The artwork in the lobby of the "Parkhotel Quellenhof" shines golden and welcomes international visitors to Aachen's first address. On the occasion of the CHIO, a new object by Yasemin Hakverdi will be on display in the entrance hall of the preferred hostel of many riders. The renowned artist from Aachen has added her unmistakable signature to the sculpture of a life-size horse, in keeping with the World Equestrian Festival.

"We are extremely happy to be able to offer our guests from Aachen as well as from all over the world another inspiring experience thanks to Yasemin Hakverdi, an extraordinary artist from Aachen. Her works also express our pleasure to host this special occasion and rediscover her personal favorite place," explains Andreas Wieckenberg, director of the individually managed Parkhotel Quellenhof Aachen.

In addition to the new work, the hotel is also displaying other works by the artist that will be on display in the Kaminhalle during the CHIO. A total of ten of these works will be offered for sale as a donation to the "World Childhood Foundation", founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden.

Born in Aachen, Germany, artist Yasemin Hakverdi first worked as a freelance journalist in the performing arts, music, theater and film in the 1980s before studying at the School of Applied Arts in Bern and finally at the "Stadsacademie voor Toegepasste Kunsten" in Maastricht, Netherlands.
Maastricht, the Netherlands. After graduating in "Free Painting", the artist with Turkish roots founded her own studio in Aachen. Yasemin Hakverdi often uses the technique of collage for her works, in which she processes her own photographs with painterly means to create special emotions.
to create special emotions. Her objects testify to an incredible radiance and high aesthetic standards. The use of precious metals and optical changes through their application to the respective object describe a typical painting process for the artist.
typical painterly creative process.

This press release is from Claudia Wingens